Lucien Naarden

Lucien Naarden

Master Licensee Greater Caribbean/ President NAAM Enterprise LLC

In 1981 Lucien John Naarden obtained the doctoral degree in Psychology at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. As a top subject he had: Personality Psychology and Psychodiagnostics. Secondary subject: Work and Organization Psychology and specialized subject: Economics. In the same year, at the same university, he obtained the “First Degree Education” in Economics. In 1991 he did a Post-Graduate Course Supervision at the “Hogeschool van Amsterdam” for the guidance of university and other students and persons in paid employment. From March 1991 he is Master Licensee of Leadership Management International Inc. , and in that capacity leads all branches in the Caribbean and Bermuda (with the exception of Haiti) On 10 November 1999, he obtained his doctorate in Psychology / Social Sciences with a thesis entitled “Psychological and Social Aspects of Crime in Suriname” at the University of Brussels / Anton de Kom University of Suriname.


Bryan Jurgens

I was introduced to the LMI process in 1997 as an EPP participant.
Since then I have participated in the EPL program, the LMI Sales & Facilitation Program and the Anniversary Course ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.
I started taking classes in the year 2000 to the present, with the aim of sharing my own belief in this system, and sharing the experiences of participants with new participants: spreading the success formulas of this LMI system.



Kim Radhakishun


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