Why am I seeing two names on this website (LMI Inc and NAAM Enterprise LLC)?

LMI Inc is the provider of all the training programs and assessment tools we are using within NAAM Enterprise LLC.

NAAM Enterprise LLC is the company that offers next to the LMI Inc training programs other services like: psychological programs, psychological coaching, psychological counseling, scientific research, marketing, labor and organizational psychology and other advices in the field of human factor in labor and organization process.

If I purchase a service, who am I buying from?

You are buying from NAAM Enterprise LLC, because we have the license of Leadership Management International Inc. This license gives us the right to use LMI’s products and services. But NAAM Enterprise LLC is more than LMI inc. NAAM Enterprise is an institute of 36 years of experience in the field of psychology, organizational psychology, scientific research etc.

Are all the programs online?

None of the programs are online. Our programs are facilitated in personal contact. There is an online section but this section is only for assessing the progress and reporting the progress. 

Do I need to be in the USA to follow the training programs?

When we train you can decide to join a class or do the One on One session.
Classes are given in Florida and the different locations on islands of the Caribbean or in specific cases by webinars (internet).
One on One session is at your own pace and can be done online. 

If I purchase a training program online but live for example in Barbados , do I need to call the licensee in Barbados to follow the program?

You can purchase the program from NAAM Enterprise LLC, but our retail price is definitely different from your country. The prices you see her are for regional sales. It would be wiser to contact a local LMI representative to get a better price in your country. 

If I purchase a training program online and don’t have a licensee in my country, how do I follow the program?

If you don’t have a licensee in your country you will be advised to do the One on One session. You can do the program online but with specific rules and procedures. In rare cases people prefer to take weekly flights to group classes in another country what is allowed.

When I enroll, do I decide when I want to begin?

We offer scheduled classes. You will have to decide based on the schedule of classes in which of the classes you want to be enrolled. The most favorable situation on when to start and what time, is when you represent an organization that purchases an “in house” group. An “in house” group is when you have a minimum of 6 people following one program from that organization. Only then it is possible to choose your own starting date and time of sessions. In certain cases we will allow you to begin at your own time. Contact us before purchasing to know if this is possible in your area. 

Do I need to purchase anything else during or after the training program?

It is all up to you. You purchase a training program with a specific objective and goals in an area of your life you want to improve. During the training you will have all the material you need to achieve this. After the training you will have to decide if you need to improve more areas in your business or personal life. You can decide if you need more programs to help you improve yourself. 

Are the training programs in English?

The training programs are in 23 languages. In the US we use more English and Spanish and in the Caribbean we use more Spanish, English, French and Dutch. Please contact us before purchasing a program to verify if we have the training program in your language.
Keep in mind that if your first language is not English, you will need to be bilingual to follow these programs. The training material you will receive may be in your language but the assignments are done online in English.

Why does it take so long to follow a training program?

It takes so long because we don’t do knowledge transfer. We work on attitude and behavioral change. You can only change your attitude through space repetition and reconditioning. Every module needs 6 days in the week to change you. Only after this reconditioning you will be able to become the person you want to be. 

Do I need to do the weekly sessions online with or without a facilitator?

You will always have a facilitator. You can’t do the programs without a facilitator. We don’t sell books, we don’t sell paper and we don’t sell knowledge. We sell attitude and behavioral change and to achieve that you will need a facilitator to guide you.

Do I need to give my private information during a group session?

You are the one that will have to decide what to share in the group. If you don’t want to expose your personal experiences to the group, you have the right to do so. But in our experience the opinions and ideas that are shared in the group help to know what the best practices and lessons learned are and what you should be careful about and recognize emotional traps to avoid. 

There are too many programs to choose from. Which one is right for me?

Before you buy a program you need to be interviewed to decide what your needs are, what your motives are, what the reasons are that you want to do a program. NAAM Enterprise will conclude with you what your highest need is and based on that you will know which of the programs is right for you to start with. 

I don’t need an interview. Why can’t I just purchase a random program and see how it works out for me?

You can’t buy a program without setting a goal. To formulate these goals you will need to talk to us about what you want to achieve. You need at least 5 goals to start any of our programs. These are your goals, only then the programs will be beneficial for you. 

What makes these training programs so different?

We are in the Caribbean and Florida the only institute that works with conditioning. The way you are now is because have been conditioned in the past. And the way you want to be in the future needs present conditioning for you to become that future person you want to be. Our programs are also on audio and we ask you to listen to them to condition you towards changed attitudes and your goals. 

How do I see a Return on Investment when I purchase a program?

Before you start a program or buy any service we want to agree with you what the goals are that you want to accomplish with this program or service. On these goals we will put a monetary value. During the training or service we will track and measure the progress and use this monetary value. In the end you will be able to know how much you have gained when you have accomplished your goals. 

Do you finance?

We don’t finance but we will be happy to set up a payment schedule. 

What does the full refund guarantee stand for?

If you have purchased our program and we did not spend any time of coaching, training and facilitating on you and you return our training material  in original packaging, not used, you will get the full refund. You will have to pay the shipping and handling fee to return our training material.
If you have used the training material, the full refund guarantee is not applicable. 

I am 16 years old. Am I too young to follow a training program?

We have programs for children from 6 years to a young adolescent age. Please take a look at our Family Motivational Programs to find out if we can help you.

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