Customized Services

All services are offered tailor-made, adapted to the wishes and needs of our clients.

Our services are:

This type of service varies from providing the chain from designing and placing advertisements, first selection of applications, solicitation interviews, “case studies”, psychological research and “coaching reports”. This applies to both internal and external applications procedures.

Tailor-made training programs that are specially written on the basis of the needs and goals indicated by the client. All our training courses must lead in a measurable way to the objectives and results for which they have been designed. The training is often a composition of knowledge, but more tasks that have to be carried out in practice.

NA.A.M. Consultancy is written in as “deployable” on 8 of the “Lots” indicated by the European Union. These projects range from interpersonal and social projects to organization research and development. Also projects in the field of sustainable development, environment, security and institutional strengthening. For the other “Lots” our company has a relationship with a network of freelance experts.

With a strong focus on result and goal orientation, guidance takes place from the area of idea and dream to improvement (especially right sizing) of organizations. All this in the field of the use of human resources. With the most modern management and leadership insights clients are assisted in their efforts to get more and more out of the human potential of the organization.

This means that in every field where psychology is needed, the services of our company can be hired. This applies both to group activities and to individual guidance. This with the exception of psychotherapy.

The companies research is focused on the human resources and the return on their efforts. The scientific research is mainly in the field of social sciences, with a particular emphasis on the psychological and the societal social. A special leg here is investigating criminology “issues”.

By owning a network of people and companies in Suriname and other parts of the Caribbean, our company can very easily make a link between the supply and demand of especially people who need investments.

Where people or companies need someone who has to assist in different areas, who need to be on the interpersonal level, they can use the services of our company.

This type of service speaks for itself and has to do with forming a link between companies and people looking for trading partners. Job placement and interim management This form of consultancy focuses primarily on assistance in the search for personnel or managers for a defined period with a special assignment as the starting point.